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Miracle!! Dead Mother Gave Birth To A Baby After 4 Months.



A miracle happened in the history of medical science.

Pregnancy is one of the crucial periods in every women’s life. It is just like re-birth to women.

A mother decided to go with pregnancy and bring child to this world out of her medical condition.

Sandra Pedro, 37 from Portugal suffered from both pneumonia and heart problems in past. She had also been in a coma once before and had undergone kidney surgery due to a tumor.

Knowing that pregnancy will take away her life, Sandra Pedro took up the courage to bring the child to this world.




May be this is called unconditional love.

And only mother can give in this world.

When Sandra Pedro was 17 weeks pregnant, she collapsed in tears from a severe headache.

Doctors declared she was brain dead as she suffered a brain hemmorage.

Doctors planned on pulling the plug the next day

But BOOM!!!

Miracle happened.

The baby inside the mother had positive vital signs! As much as it was unimaginable, the boy’s heart had a regular and steady heartbeat. Doctors could not believe this.

On doctor’s explanation about this, her family decided to keep the baby alive and discussed how they can put the woman remain alive.




Sandra Pedro was totally kept on machines, to help her breathe, and fortify her with the hormones necessary for her unborn child until he was developed enough to live outside the womb.

Doctors nurtured the baby inside its lifeless mother for the next nearly four months.

Finally, The Baby Was Born




The miracle baby was born after living for 107 days in the womb of his brain-dead mother which is highly impossible to survive.

The baby vitals were strong and he weighed 5lb 2oz. The baby was put in an incubator and the doctors took well care of it.

Sandra’s tubes and the ventilator were disconnected once the baby was delivered.

Sandra Pedro was buried the day after the baby was born.




Nothing could stand in front of Sandra Pedro’s unconditional love and determination to bring the child to this beautiful world.

Kudos to all moms in the world.smiley Respect.


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