Are You Spending More Than 15 Minutes On Toilet Seat? This Is Something Serious



If you are spending 10 to 15 minutes while pooping, that means there is something wrong with you.

Read carefully the causes and precautions to be taken

Gastroenterologists say, “Sitting on toilet seat for longer than 15 minutes indicates serious health issues”.

That means you have been having some problem with your system.

Unless and until you have the high urge to go to bathroom, it’s not good to spend time on pooping just to get the job done.




What Happens If You Do So?




Unnecessary straining leads to the development of hemorrhoid. It bulges blood vessels around your anus which will be swollen and gives horrible painful or even bleed mostly.


What Happens If You Neglect?


Something called the peristalsis wave enables our body to carry stool along our bowel as well as sparks our need to poop.

Once the stool hits the rectum, you feel the urge to go.

If you neglect that feeling and don’t poop then you will experience a process called reverse peristalsis, where the stool backs up slightly into your colon.




Your colon extracts some of the fluid from your stool, which can contribute to constipation.

So if the impulse for poop goes, don’t stress on pooping. Instead, get off the toilet seat and wait until the next pressure generates—it might be a couple hours.


How To Avoid This?


1. See that you take plenty of fiber in your diet.




2. To relax the bowel movements, get a magnesium supplement after consulting doctor.




3. Have a coffee in the morning. It helps in stimulating the muscle contractions involved in the peristalsis wave which will help you ease while pooping and make you feel better.




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