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Why Mindfulness Can Help You Succeed In Your 2020 Goals


It’s still quite early in the year, and many of us are still making our plans for 2020, as well as our resolutions. You probably have your own goals, whether you want to get rid of fat, save money, travel somewhere, or all of the above. Sticking to your goals requires planning, accountability, and a strong support network. It also requires self-discipline, which many lacks. That’s why in 2020, learning mindfulness can help you succeed. Mindfulness, a practice observed in many religions in the East, is the awareness of the present and of yourself. Anyone of any age or walk of life can try and achieve it.

Mindfulness is achieved through many methods. Some people try meditation, others take some time out of the day to observe their surroundings and pay close attention to all the little details. If you search for mindfulness techniques on the Web, you’re sure to find plenty. With that said, what are some ways mindfulness can help you achieve your goals? Here’s how.


Less Autopilot


Mindfulness keeps your body aware of your actions. We are creatures who sometimes get lost in our thoughts and don’t realize we’re eating too many snacks or spending too much money until it’s too late. Mindfulness foregoes any distracting thoughts and instead teaches you how you can be aware of your actions. You learn to enjoy food and eat less of it because you eat slower, for example.


Less Worrying


Many of us fail our goals because we worry about it failing in the future, or we simmer in our past mistakes and don’t realize that sometimes, it’s okay for you to forgive yourself for your past and start with a clean slate. Planning your goals and enacting them in the present is your best move, and you shouldn’t fall into the trap of worrying too much about the what-ifs. Should your goals fail, adjust them and try a new path. Just enjoy the journey with you, your friends, and even your pet. Buy some dog cars for your dog while you’re at it.


A Fuller Rest

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If you’ve had trouble sleeping, mindfulness, especially the meditation part, can help you sleep easier. Many of us have racing thoughts or worries that keep us up at night, but mindfulness lets all our troubled thoughts stop, making it easier to get to sleep.

Getting more sleep helps you accomplish your goals by keeping you focused. If you’re trying to lose weight, you’ll have more energy to work out and are less likely to overeat.


You Won’t Spend As Much


In today’s society, it’s so easy to spend too much. From not keeping track of your expenses to going on an online shopping spree, you may end up spending too much when you’re on autopilot. Many of us want to save a little more money in 2020. Mindfulness can help you by keeping you focused on the present and not keeping you occupied with wanting to purchase anything unnecessary.


A Professional Can Teach You

Mindfulness is easy to learn on your own, but many of us may understandably want to speak to a professional, such as a counselor or a therapist, to help get the most out of mindfulness. These people can help you in many ways, such as teaching you how to hold yourself accountable but to also let go of the past if you’ve made any mistakes. Besides teaching your mindfulness, a counselor or a therapist can help you learn how to accomplish your goals and hold yourself accountable. Searching for “therapists near me” is a great way for you to get started on your journey.


You’ll Be Healthier

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Mindfulness has been linked to better overall health, from more energy to better heart health. If your goal or 2020 was having better health, then mindfulness may be your ticket to a happy, healthy lifestyle.

If you want to jumpstart your 2020 goals, mindfulness is just a smart way to do so. Try mindfulness today, be it on your own or through someone who is trained in it, such as a therapist. Here’s hoping your 2020 is as happy and healthy as it can be.

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