Mawlynnong Village Of India Is The Cleanest Village In Entire Asia



Atleast once in a life, everyone will be fed up with urban life. We look for a change.

Our ancestors used to describe about the beauty of villages. These days, we could see that beauty in parks which are made artificially.

But still there is a place which is free of pollution, where you can get fresh air, where whole place is filled with greenery and full of colorful flowers, waterfalls, natural bridges.




Yeah just like in animated movies. There is such place and it’s in our India.

Mawlynnong, the cleanest village not only in India but also in entire Asia.




Where it is located?


The ‘God’s own garden’ Mawlynnong village, is located in East Khasi Hills in Meghalaya, India.

If you want to experience natural beauty, if want to spend atleast a day in the mid of lush greenery, colorful flowers and with gurgling of waterfalls at background, you must visit Mawlynnong.




The guest house you are given are purely made with bamboo. Especially in the monsoon, with abundance of flowering orchids dangling from the trees and waterfalls paving the way to small streams, the Mawlynnong village looks stunningly beautiful. 






More importantly, every person in the Mawlynnong village feels responsible to keep the village clean. You will see locals cleaning the roads, picking up leaves and throwing in the garbage bins.




See this aesthetically pleasing rubbish bins




The umngot river in meghalaya


umngotriver Ref


It was declared as the cleanest village in Asia in 2003 and the cleanest in India in 2005 by Discover India magazine.

More recently in 2015, Modi acknowledged Mawlynnong as the cleanest village in Meghalaya and a model for the rest of the county.

Now, Aren't you planning to visit Mawlynnong?

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