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Man Tried To Block Sneeze But The Pressure Blew A Hole In His Neck

Doctors Said That He Could Have Died

Block Sneezevia

A lot of us try to block nostrils when we are about to sneeze. Doing this we may be able to avoid the unpleasant sound but that gives a shock to us from the inside. Perhaps the shock seems tolerable; however, in worst cases, it can be fatal to absorb that internal shock. A 34-year-old man tried to block sneeze by holding his nostrils but due to the internal pressure, a hole was burst open on the back of his throat.


Man Tried To Block Sneeze

Block Sneeze

The name of the man is reticent. The man was having a problem with swallowing anything and he could barely speak. Screaming in agony, he rushed to the hospitals. He told that he started to have the problems when he tried to block sneeze.


Aftermath Could Be Fatal

Block Sneeze

It was an unusual case and the doctors did urgent CT scan before revealing that he has ended up blasting a hole on the back of his head.  It was confirmed that the back of his throat – called the pharynx – had ruptured. They further added that holding the sneeze can be fatal as in the worst case the patient could have died.


Why We Should Not Block The Sneeze

Block Sneeze

The specialists, from University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust wrote that holding the sneeze can be dangerous and it can lead to several complications including pneumomediastinum (the process of air trapping in the chest between the lungs)., perforation of tympanic membrane and in the worst cases the blood vessels in the brains can be ruptured. The doctors further told that during a forceful sneeze the air can travel up to the speed of 100 MPH.

After keeping for 7 days in the hospital the man was discharged and he was advised not to block sneeze. It is also an advice to all of you who hold the sneeze. Share your views in the comments and share this with your friend so that they can be aware of it.

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