North And South Korea Agrees To March Together Under Unified Korea Flag At Winter Olympics

North and South Korean Delegates shaking handsvia

Marching towards a unity of Koreans made the world to think in an alternate way for peace and reunion. A lot of innovation can be made but if it leads to destruction everything will end up in mess. Now destruction also leads to reunion is the new rule which makes the Koreans move towards happiness in Winter Olympics which is going to be held in South Korea this year 2018.


Destruction For Reunion

North and South Korean Flags Winter Olympics

Anger with power leads to destroying everything, but for the first time destruction made a change in the mind of North Korean to unite with South. The hit back missile taught a lesson that whatever we do for destruction will come back in return.


Sports Enlighten The Humans

Delegates shaking hands Koreans

Winter Olympics, 2018 in South Korea pawed the way for athletes of the north to prove their talents. Ri Son Gwon, Chairman of North’s Committee for a peaceful reunification of the fatherland gave high hope through his brotherly speech. South Korea’s unification Minister Cho Myoung Gyon also expressed optimism through his speech. 20 South Korean were seen waving a banner reading: “We wish the success of the high-ranking inter Korean talks”. One man holds a flag with words as unified Korean Peninsula.


Sportiness With Love Gives Happiness

Winter Olymics Koreans

Winter Olympic of 2018 brings a change in the minds of Korean to participate in Olympics and also in the Paralympics too. Their discussion of inter-Korean relations resumes reunion of family members who were separated since the Korean War in 1950.


Winter Olympics 2018

Koreans Doing A March Past

This winter Olympics would create a milestone in the history of Koreans, they may walk under one flag after many years. This event not only unites Koreans but vies an end to ballistic missiles too.

Missiles can destroy nut for the first time in World’s history made a way for reunion. Sports play a major role to unite these two Koreans and also they may walk under one flag. Time will tell whether the Koreans are genuine in their character.

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