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If You Love Someone Then This Delightful Video Of Entertales Is Must Watch


How many of you feel scared of expressing their feelings to their loved one? We are sure there are many people. There are many beautiful moments which comes in an individual’s life which should have actually shaped into beautiful stories. But due to the fear of rejection, many stories finished even before starting. This delightful video of Entertales will inspire you to express your feelings to your loved one.

Mera Pyaar Uff Tera Intezaar Stills

Mera Pyaar Uff Tera Intezaar is a story of two college-going friends Aaryan and Arjun. Both are equally opposite in nature. Aaryan who is never scared of talking to any girl and is very expressive. On the other hand, Arjun has a feeling for a girl named Pooja since school days but has never dared to open up her feelings for her. He feels its better to see her daily rather than expressing his feelings. He is scared of rejection. Pooja also likes Arjun but feels that he should come and initiate a talk at least. The life of all three gets changes when Ira enters in their life. Ira is a free and independent girl.

Mera Pyaar Uff Tera Intezaar Stills

Aaryan and Arjun see Pooja and Ira at the basketball court and Aaryan falls for her. He does not want to miss any opportunity to talk to Ira who becomes a friend of Pooja. Arjun tries to stop Aaryan, but Aaryan goes and talks to her.

Mera Pyaar Uff Tera Intezaar Stills Delightful Video

While talking to Pooja, Ira got to know that Pooja also likes Aaryan’s friend Arjun, but she wants Arjun to initiate a talk first. Ira explains to her that if you guys will not even talk, how your story will begin? Within a few days, Aaryan and Ira get together as Ira gets impressed by his straightforward personality.

Mera Pyaar Uff Tera Intezaar Stills Delightful Video

What will happen with Arjun and Pooja? Will Arjun dare to express his feelings for Pooja or will Pooja express? If at all their love story will begin, who will express first? This is a story of every person who loves someone but scared to express their feelings. Watch out the delightful video now,

Written and Directed by Praneet Samaiya, the video Mera Pyaar Uff Tera Intezaar has a very beautiful message,

‘Because of fear, if you are not even trying then you are losing the race even before it is starting. ‘

All actors have done an amazing work. Entertales team make videos every month with motivating message. We have already made four videos with an inspiring message. Do watch all our videos, hit like if you love them and let us know about the videos in the comments. For more videos and updates kindly subscribe. If you are interested in getting featured in our videos, do drop your portfolios at [email protected].

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