Australian Journalist Insulted Virat Kohli But Fans From India And Pakistan Came To The Rescue

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Social media is the best place for the fans to get one step closer to their favorite celebrities. If there are trollers who create controversies all the times, there are also die hard fans that support the celebrities with their tweets. This time an Australian journalist tried to troll Virat Kohli on Twitter, but the fans from India and Pakistan came to the rescue.


Breaking Records After Records

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Virat Kohli is one of the best cricketers in the current Indian cricket squad. He has achieved superstardom due to his batting skills. Furthermore, he has been breaking records after records and connecting millions of fans with cricket for several years. To conclude, he is one of the most popular cricketers of current time.


Trolling In The Lamest Way

However, this journalist was not impressed with Virat so he tried to troll the cricketer in the lamest possible way over Twitter. The journalist posted an old picture of Virat Kohli sweeping the “Eden Garden” stadium. Although the act of Virat Kohli was an inspirational one but the journalist tried to troll him. He captioned, “Sweepers clean the stadium in readiness for the World XI match”.


Fans Showed Their Displeasure




Unsurprisingly, the fans did not like the tweet of the journalist. To conclude, Indian fans retweeted and they showed their displeasure and trolled the journalist. Many said that he needs to clean his mind and shouldn’t post something like this. Moreover, some said that he needs to learn how to respect.


Pakistani Fans To The Rescue

The Pakistani fans joined forces with the Indian fans and together they brought a new level to trolling. Some said that it was nonsense what he posted. Clearly, the journalist was shown his place by these fans.

What do you think about this act of the Australian journalist and the hilarious response of these Indian and Pakistani twitteratis.  Share your thoughts with us. Do you know how much these famous cricketers earn per minute. Check our here.


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