PM Modi Was Trolled For His Picture In Ninth BRICS Summit In China

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The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi is one of the most followed Indian celebrities on social media. No matter what he does, he always makes the new trend on twitter. In other words, he is always trending on social media. This time he is trending because of a picture as the picture displays a thoughtful image of PM Modi.


Visited China For Ninth BRICS Summit

PM Modi

A few days ago, PM Modi visited China for the ninth BRICS summit. It was a 3 day visit in Xiamen. During one of the meetings, the Prime Minister of India was caught daydreaming. Due to the ultimate popularity of the Indian Prime Minister, the photo took the internet by storm. A huge number of twitter users showed their meme making skills and turned the photo into a viral meme.


Here Are Some Of The Artistic Work Of The Twitterati






Some added words to his thoughtful image, to sarcastically highlight the foreign visits of PM Modi. And, some other related this day dreaming to other day to day happenings. There is no denying, it has become one of the most famous internet memes in a little time.


A Trending Meme



It seems like there is no stopping for the tweets. Everyone finds it hilarious and most of them are coming up with new words on the picture. All in all, it is now an ultimate dose of sarcasm. Once again the Twitterati have showed that the best humor can be found only on twitter.

Did you like what you saw? Share your thought with us. Few months back, a famous scene from Baahubali also got trend and it also had many funny memes. Check out here.


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