Varun Dhawan Got Trolled For The Underwear He Wore, But He Made A Great Comeback



The number of the trollers over social media is getting higher and higher every day. Moreover, they never miss a chance to cause controversies on social media. Furthermore, they never think twice about making personal comments about celebrities. However, sometime they do not aim to disrespect a celebrity; there are many cases when they do it just to add a little humor to the activity of their favorite celebrities. This time it was Varun Dhawan who was the target of the trollers because of the underwear he wore.


Motivational For Fitness Freaks

Varun Dhawan

Varun Dhawan is famous for his acting and aesthetic pleasantness. Moreover, he is a fitness motivation for so many guys. Taking out time from his hectic schedule, Varun visited Budapest to shoot for something. From there, he posted a picture over social media flaunting his well carved body. However, the trollers spotted something else.


“Lux Cozi” “Yeh To Aaram Ka Maamala Hai”

Generally, if you look at the picture you will see nothing else then the chiseled body of the actor. Now, take a close look and look at the brand of underwear he is wearing. Boom, it’s “Lux Cozi”. A series of Tweets broke out. A huge numbers of trollers came to do some leg pulling with Varun Dhawan.


Hilarious Comments



Many said that he was promoting “Lux Cozi” for free while many other said that he is so down to earth that he is wearing this inexpensive underwear. Undoubtedly, we all relate the celebrities with extravagance. Hence, it is hilarious to read the tweets.


Comfortable And Affordable

Caring less about the hilarious reaction of public, Varun retweeted, “Bahut comfortable or affordable hain bhai raja ko pasand hain”. Varun stated that he is not pissed by the reaction his picture got. He just proved that he had enjoyed the hilarious comments as well. Clearly, Varun won the show.

As the trolling frequency is high over social media, some celebrities have learned how to deal with them in the best possible way, Esha Gupta got trolled few days back for her bold photos in Instagram and she gave the best reply. What is your thought on this? Share with us.


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