Irfan Pathan Shuts Down Internet Trolls Who Called His Wife ‘Un-Islamic’ With Just One Tweet

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We know that Indian all-rounder Irfan Pathan posted a cute picture with wife Safa Baig on the social media and received many trolls. The 32-year-old cricketer became the latest celebrity to face merciless online trolling because a particular section of netizen felt the photograph of the couple to be ‘un-Islamic’.

Several individuals dubbed the image as ‘un-Islamic’ because Safa Baig is wearing nail polish, which is not allowed in Islam.

Irfan Pathan shared a picture on social media with his wife and the photograph was enough to understand that Irfan was ready for all the trolls.

Here is what Irfan wrote while posting the picture:

Here is how people reacted to this picture:

One user commented, "Apni ourto ki pic dalna unko baiy parda karna unki numayish karna hraam h..apni biwiyo ko mr.pathan pardey mai rakhna chahiye".

Another said, "You should change your name from irfan pathan to irfan nair/sharma/singh… #ShameOnYouPathan"

Yet another came up with, ""WTF. Tell her cover her arms. Being a muslim and being a Pathan it’s your duty to do so."


But wait…..

Irfan Pathan who married Baig, a model from Jeddah in February is a real sportsman that instead of giving an arrogant reply, he replied in the humblest manner. He urged people to spread love instead of hatred.

Here’s what Irfan posted after his wife got trolled on social media for putting nail polish.


Stop judging and start loving. We are all here to love each other and support each other. If not, what is the purpose of living anyway?

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