14 Amazing Facts About Animals That Seem Impossible To Be True




The diversity in the animal kingdom is not completely unveiled to the universe. However, the researchers try to find all the information about the animals. They are the specialist in this field. Admittedly, the animal wranglers have a deep knowledge about their subjects. On the other hand, we are the unaware folks. But, today we bring you 14 shocking yet true facts about the animals.


14. Sea Horse Is Not Horse After all


Sea horse is the slowest fish. It moves sluggishly at the speed of 0.01 mph.


13. Ostrich Can Run Faster Than Horse


Our answer would be cheetah, if someone ask us about the fastest animal but it can be confusing if they ask the second fastest. Now say good bye that confusion as ostrich is the answer. Yes! You have heard it right the two legged folk can out sprint the horse for 30 minutes. 


12. Bat Has Weak Legs So Cannot Walk


Ever wonder why you never saw a bat walking around? Well the answer is simple they cannot walk as their legs are too thin.


11. It Is Just A Bat Not Batman


Speaking of bats, the little folks were trained by Americans to drop bombs in World War II.  WTF?


10. Male Ostrich Can Roar


Yes! Ostrich is full of surprises here as the males can roar like lions.


9. Owls In Parliament


Surprising but true as the group of owls is called parliament. For example A parliament of owls.


8. Identify Tigers By Fur Print


The strips on the fur of Tigers cannot be identical for 2 Tigers. It is like our fingerprints, the identity of uniqueness.


7. Cool And Flashy Fireflies


Another surprise, Fireflies do not produce any heat while giving off light.


6. Sharks Outlived Dinosaurs


According to a study Sharks are being around since 450 million years ago. On the other hand, Dinosaurs appeared 230 million years ago.


5. Alligators Never Step Back


Indeed, they cannot move backward on land because their belly and tail make hindrance.


4. Dogs Can Bring Down The Light Poles


After a study in Croatia, the scientists found out that the chemical in dog’s urine causes the fall of Light Poles. Lol.


3. Let The Cat Stay, Keep The Doctor Away


Most of the people do not like cats as they are quiet unfriendly animals. But, a research shows that cat can reduce the chances of heart attack by 30%.


2. The Loud And Mighty Roar


The roar of an adult lion is so loud and can be heard from 8 kilometers.


1. Elephant Smells Water From 5 Km


An Elephant can smell water from 5 Km away. Well unlike those big teeth those big ears are useful.

It is crazy just when we think we know everything about the animals, then they surprises us again. Let us know in comments which fact surprised you the most.


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