Inspiring Journey Of Renuka Yadav, From Milk-Seller To Chhattisgarh’s First Woman Olympian

Inspiring Journey Of Renuka Yadav, From Milk-Seller To Chhattisgarh's First Woman OlympianInspiring Journey Of Renuka Yadav, From Milk-Seller To Chhattisgarh's First Woman Olympian



Nothing can stop you from achieving your goal if you have passion and determination to realize your dreams.

That what exactly happened with Renuka Yadav, a 22-year-old girl from Chhattisgarh, who used to sell milk door-to-door and now made a history by becoming the Chhattisgarh's first woman Olympian. 




The Chhattisgarh girl who has battled odds was named in the 16-member women's hockey squad for the Rio Olympics on July 12.

She described the moment as her happiest, saying, "This is a golden moment of my life. We have got the opportunity to be at the Olympics after a long gap of 36 years. I am happy to be the first ever woman Olympian of Chhattisgarh."



From a very young age of 7, Renuka's fondness and love for hockey were witnessed by her school hockey coach Bhushan Rao who encouraged her to take the game.




Thanking her mentor Bushan Sao, from who she got her first hockey stick, she said that her journey began with him.

"It's her hard work that earned her this position. In the school team, we used to practice twice in a day but only Renuka practiced even during extra time. She was always very eager to learn," said her coach Sao.

Not letting go of her passion for hockey, she has come a long way in becoming the first woman in Chhattisgarh to qualify for Olympics.

Her sheer determination and hard work have led her to success and was paid off at very young age.

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