These Are The Best Beer Brands Ever, Which Is Your Favorite One?




Beer is honestly one of the best drinks ever. In no particular order, below are the top ten best beer brands ever (in our opinion at least).

1. Budweiser

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Budweiser always provides you with a richness and taste that no other brand can.


2. Heineken

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They make very good light and simple beer. Their drink also almost never gives you hangovers.


3. Corona Extra

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People say that nothing beats having a chilled Corona on a hot summer day, or even chilling on your couch with a Corona in your hand.


4. Sam Adams

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They have a variety of drinks that suit almost every alcohol drinker in the world. Their array of products is highly and truly commendable.


5. Guinness

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People say that Guinness is the best beer that your money can ever buy you. They say it’s a man’s drink and that if you need a buzz, this is what you must have.


6. Yuengling

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One of the best beers with the smoothest of tastes. Once you switch to this, there’s no going back.


7. Kingfisher


Kingfisher is India’s one of the most trusted brands according to the Brand Trust Report 2012. 


8. Carlsberg


Carlsberg is very light beer and one of the highest selling beers. Youths and girls prefer this most.


9. Foster


Foster is another well known beer brand in India originally manufactured by the Australia based Fosters Group.


10. Haywards


Last on the list in India is Haywards, which is a brand under the international beer maker SAB Miller. Haywards 5000 is a strong variety, while lighter variants are Haywards 2000 and Haywards Black

We all agree, almost most of us that drinking beer is fun. We should also know that everything should be consumed in moderation. Too much is too bad. It should be consumed mostly for social purposes only. Cheers !

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