Qandeel Baloch Ruthlessly Murdered By Her OWN Brother – Find Out!


First of all, who is she? Qandeel Baloch is a famous social media celebrity who used to post insanely bold pictures and videos of herself on the internet.

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She believed that change can be brought in by a single female, as in the case of Malala Yousafzai. 

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She was married to someone when she was a mere 17 year old girl and even gave birth to a child. Her husband supposedly harassed her physically and mentally and she hence filed a divorce against him in 2010. The man got the custody of her son. It is claimed that the man even tried pouring acid on her face. 

She promised to strip herself of all clothes for the Indian and Pakistani cricket teams. 

It is also said that she was going to participate in Bigg Boss Season 10 if the producers were alright with her demands

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She was strangled to death unfortunately, at multan in the province of Punjab. Her brother had constantly been threatening and yelling at her for having posted bold and explicit pictures and videos on social media. However, she paid no heed. A couple of weeks before her murder happened, she received threatening calls from random numbers and even requested for protection from the police. 

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She always inspired women and professed about women empowerment. She posted controversial pictures and posts all the same and cared very little about the consequences.

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Each of her videos went insanely viral on Facebook. Such was her social impact on people. 


Despite having asked for security from the officials, she received none. Is the protection of a woman not important? Is it so insignificant? She was killed by her very own brother simply because she boldly expressed herself on social media. Such is the plight of humanity. *sigh*


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