8 Reasons To Absolutely LOVE Cooking


Everybody loves cooking. It’s probably for many reasons, right? Here’s why:


1. It Is An Effective Stress-Buster

Have you had a long hard day at school, college, work or anywhere else? You know what to do: cook what you can, inhale the aromas and relax. Nothing beats this feeling.



2. Profession Out Of Cooking!

The best part about cooking is that you can make a profession out of it. What’s better than doing something you love and earning for the same?



3. You Can Win People’s Love 

Are your parents pissed off with you? Cook for them. Is your girlfriend / boyfriend pissed off with you? Cook. Do you want to impress a crush? Cook.



4. Unleash Your Creativity

You can get as creative as you want with what you cook. Cooking helps with your creativity when you think about what flavors work well together and how to present a particular dish.



5. Making People Happy

While cooking, you not only make yourself happy, but others also!



6. Outcome: FOOD!

What better reason does one need to start cooking other than the fact that the result of it is food?! Who doesn’t love food!



7. Can Help You Socialize

You can meet likeminded people and make conversation about their cooking techniques and styles and instantly make friends!  



8. Great Pastime

You’ll never spend a minute being bored if you know how to cook.



Cooking is an amazing hobby to have. Cook for yourself and for others and spread the happiness! 


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