Kangana Comments On The Censor Board Blurring Her Bra in ‘Queen’


According to DNA India, the Censor Board made a big scene after Queen was made, just like the Udta Punjab controversy happening now.



Kangana Ranaut didn’t seem happy when the Censor Board wanted a very unnecessary cut from Queen. It was sure a waste of time. Kangaroo couldn’t help but comment on how ridiculous the Board was becoming.


There is a scene where my bra is on the bed…One day the director called me and said that the censor board had asked him to blur it. Why do we see it as a danger to society? A woman’s bra is not a danger to society!



We need our own creative freedom and we are pressed against the wall. There is so much outrage… I hope that it will be addressed and I hope that there won’t be such incidences in the future. 



What she said is true. Why is the Censor Board getting too particular about what is and isn’t supposed to be shown to the audience? This is a democracy and shouldn’t the audience be allowed to decide for themselves about what they want to watch and what they don’t?



Artists create art in a particular way that they love. By cutting and modifying movies, they are depriving the artists of being proud of their creation. The Censor Board should simply classify the movies as U, A, U/A rated and let the audience decide for themselves.



We commend Kangana for having said this. It had to be put out there!


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