Why ATM Pin Is Only 4 Digit?? The Reason Makes You Smile!!

Why ATM pin is only 4 digit?? Have You Ever Thought Of It!!!



Have you ever thought of the reason behind keeping 4 digit pin for ATM transactions? Why only 4 ? Why not 5 or 6 ? We have answer to this question for you. Answer of that question which probably you have not even thought. Most of us are using the ATM's using 4 digit code for transactions. But we have the answer of this question. We have the reason. The reason which will make you smile.

The pioneer Scottish inventor of ATM machine development, John Adrian Shepherd-Barron proposed a 6 digit security pin for the ATM cards.


Barron’s 6 digit code idea was totally rejected because Scot’s wife Caroline can remember 4 digit codes only. That’s the longest string that she can recall. 6 digit were too much for her to remember. 

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Nowadays, some banks are offering 6 digits strings for the ATM pins because of the security purposes. But, most of us are happy that Scot’s wife can remember only 4-digit strings.

Aren't you???

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