China’s Bullet Trains Deliver Crossover At 420 Km Per Hour

China's Bullet Trains Deliver Crossover At 420 Km Per Hour



China's bullet trains deliver crossover at 420 km per hour. Yes, you heard it right!! The two trains – 'Golden Phoenix' and 'Dolphin Blue' – travelling at 420 km per hour crossed on lines between Zhengzhou in the central Henan Province and Xuzhou in the eastern Jiangsu Province.

China has built over 16,000 km of high-speed train tracks connecting most of the major cities so far.




The experiment set a world-first for trains travelling at such speed, Zhou Li, head of the technological management department of China Railway Corporation, according to state-run Xinhua news agency.

Zhou said the achievement, using homegrown trains, demonstrated that China has fully mastered the core technology of high-speed trains.

It is now lobbying hard to export its high-speed train technology to India and several other places.

Are you waiting to see in India?

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