Singer Katy Perry Got Trolled By Indians After Posting This On Instagram

Singer Katy PerrySinger Katy Perry



Before posting anything on social media, you must take care of your words. One small mistake can bring the wrath of the people in and around the world.

That’s exactly what happened to this American singer.

He posted a Hindu Goddess Kali picture on Instagram and captioned it “current mood”.

It received a series of abusive and hateful messages by Indian Instagram users.



current mood

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This is how people reacted

"You do realize it can have adverse effects. She is a goddess. I suggest you remove it before the ones who get offended start retaliating. I am sure your intention is clear. Do the damage control before the damage happens," warns Instagram user khalidwani.

"How ridiculous this? You don't have permission to upload a picture of our goddess on this f**king social media and embarrassing our culture," writes Instagram user the_j_stark.

"You're making fun of our goddess…Delete your account," writes another user.

"I'm an Indian and guess what? I'm not offended by this (I know!). Just thought of letting it be known, if anyone cares that is. Lest the world starts thinking every Indian on social media has anger issues. Well, now you know. Not all of us. But yeah, most of us," writes Instagram user learnerdy.


"Umm ok? No hate but please respect our goddess? You would hate it if we started using your religious symbols like this so don't do it to us…culture appropriation," writes Instagram user gold_dancergirl.

Even on twitter too..

It reminds the old saying that, “Think twice before you speak”.

What do you say?

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