No More Red Beacons On VIP Cars!! Twitteratis Go Crazy With This Move

Red BeaconsRed Beacons


It seems VIP culture is going to end in India.

Yes, after reading this, you too feel the same.

The red beacons on vehicles of politicians and government officials will not be there from next month onwards even for President, Prime Minister and Chief Justice of India vehicles too. Only emergency vehicles like ambulances, fire engines and police vans will be allowed to have a blue beacon.



You know, Prime Minister Modi went to Delhi airport to receive Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina in "normal traffic" earlier this month and no traffic routes were blocked along this route.

Supporting government's decision, Twitteratis welcomed this move.

Some government officials even posted their car images after removing red beacons on their vehicles.

Yes, everyone is VIP in new India. What do you feel? Share us in the comments.

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