These Indian Special Forces Which Are Among The Best In The World

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5. National Security Guard Or Black Cats – Lead By ‘Director General’ From The Indian Police Service


They fall neither under Central Armed Police Forces nor under Paramilitary Forces of India. It’s instead a mix of commandos from both the Indian Army and Central Armed Police Forces which is lead by a ‘Director General’ from the Indian Police Service.

It comprises of two units. One is the Special Action Group (SAG), which consists entirely of Indian Army personnel; and the other one is Special Ranger Groups (SRG) for counter terrorism activities.

The selection process is so brutal that it has a dropout rate of 70-80 percent. Again those who get qualified are sent off to train for another 9 months to become Phantom NSG Commandos.


6. COBRA – Tackles Notorious Naxalite Groups In The Country


They are specifically trained in guerilla warfare to tackle the notorious Naxalite groups in the country. Some CRPF, COBRA commandos are masters of camouflage, jungle warfare, parachute jumps, precision strikes, and ambushes.

7. Special Frontier Force – Specializes In Direct Action, Hostage Rescue, Counter-Terrorism, Unconventional Warfare And Covert Operations


The commandos are supremely trained in guerrilla tactics, mountain and jungle warfare, and parachute jumps. They operate in sync with RAW (Research and Analysis Wing).

8. Force One – To Protect Mumbai Metropolitan Area When Under Threat


The Maharashtra government brought together the best commandos and assembled the youngest Indian special force called Force One after the Mumbai terror attacks. It is one of the fastest response teams in the world and can get ready for action in less than 15 minutes.

The sole motive of this squad is to protect the Mumbai metropolitan area when under threat. Out of 3000 applications, only 216 of the best soldiers were selected. And these soldiers should undergo training under close guidance from the Israeli Special Forces.

Now, don’t you think we have a strong Special Force? When the other country is looking greatness in our country, some Indians take pride in praising others and blaming motherland.

You can imagine how tough recruitment is! Hats off to Indian Army! Did we miss any other Indian Special Force? Share us in the comments. If you are still not amazed then here are the 15 quotes by Indian Army.

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