Here Is The List Of Top 10 Athletes With Their Brand Value, Any Guess For No.1



Athletes work day and night on their fitness and become role model of million of their fans. When it comes to brand value globally, even Indian athletes made to the list. Yes, you read it right. Virat Kohli an Indian Cricket Captain is young and full of aggression. One of the great factors which helped Kohli to achieve excellence is his fitness.

Virat Kohli Fitnesss

Earlier Kohli was a threat only to his contemporaries and bowlers but now he is giving the tough competition in respect of athleticism. Virat Maintained 7th position in a list of top ten athletes of the world which includes several star players from various sports.

Virat Kohli Athletes

Messi Is In 9th Position Behind Kohli While Kohli Secured 7th

Kohli maintaining his position in this list is not that shocking looking his fitness and his diet schedule but what gave his fan another chance to cheer that he has beaten Lionel Messi.

Virat Kohli Lionel Messi

It’s not just a proud moments for his fans but for the whole country as he is the only Indian to maintain the name on this list. But this is not all, the way Virat is going He has many milestones to touch and much more to achieve. Currently, he is enjoying his journey and who knows what is there in his destiny.

Virat made himself and his countrymen proud by positioning in the same list of legends like Christiano Ronaldo, Roger Federer, and Usain Bolt.

The whole list is as following including their income 

10. Steph Curry $13.4m


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9. Lionel Messi $13.5m


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8. Rory McIlroy $13.6m


7. Virat Kohli $14.5m


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6. Tiger Woods $16.6m


5. Phil Mickelson $19.6m


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4. Cristiano Ronaldo $21.5m


3. Usain Bolt $27m


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2. LeBron James $33.4m


1. Roger Federer $37.2m


This List Also Follows Their Total Income Earned From Matches And Advertisements

Virat’s total income is around 14.5m. Despite a huge fan following and earning he is humble off the field even on the field, you may call it aggression but not pride.

After becoming the captain he showed much more determination and focus towards the game and made a slight change in his attitude towards game but all into the positive direction.

Today he has fans not only India but Across the world including many former greats like Vivian Richards Brett Lee.

Virat Kohli Brett lee

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