These Indian Special Forces Which Are Among The Best In The World

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Special Force! Whenever it is heard, most of the people think of American Marines, Navy Seal, and other American Special Forces. But, do you know, we have our own Indian Special Forces which are among the best in the world? Yes, these 8 Indian special forces are among the best in the world.


1. MARCOS Or Marine Commandos – India’s Most Lethal Special Force

Indian Special Forces

It is not so easy to get passed in the test if you want to join MARCOS. They are super-experts in maritime warfare. More than 80 percent of the applicants drop out in the first, three-day long, physical fitness and aptitude test.

Once they successfully complete the test, then they need to go through a five-week-long process called the ‘hell’s week’ where they are put through extreme sleep deprivation coupled with the most difficult physical tasks.

If they could survive there, then these commandos will be capable of firing while lying down, standing, running full-sprint, even backward and looking into a mirror – with a reaction time of 0.27 seconds.

And the final stages of the training are really crucial. It includes an 800-meter long thigh-high mud crawl called the ‘death crawl’, loaded with 25 kg of gear which is concluded with shooting a target 25 meters away with a  man standing next to it.


2. Para Commandos – Highly Trained Special Forces Of The Indian Army

Indian Special Forces

Only the most physically fit, mentally robust, intelligent and highly motivated soldiers are inducted in the fleet. They are highly trained in terrain and environment warfare and deep sea diving. It is because of the extremely fatal nature of the operations they perform, they are kept at an optimum level of operational efficiency and physical fitness.

Apart from daily 20km runs with 60km baggage and man-to-man assault practices, they go through the most grueling commando training regimes in the world.

They even have to free fall from belligerent heights of as much as 33,500 feet. Isn’t this amazing? Their most notable and fatal operations included the 1971 war with Pakistan, the 1999 Kargil war and the infamous Operation Bluestar in 1984.

3. Garud Commando Force – Specialize In Airborne Operations, Air Assault, Special Operations Combat Search And Rescue

Indian Special Forces

It is a unit of the Indian Air Force and specializes in Airfield Seizure, Special Reconnaissance, Airborne Operations, Air Assault, Special Operations Combat Search and Rescue, and counter insurgency.

Just to qualify as a fully operational Garud, it can take up to 3 years. Yes, the training for being a Garud commando is so tough. But these commandos are extremely skilled at anti-hijack and counter insurgency training, jungle and snow survival techniques, specialized weapon handling and advanced driving skills.

4. Ghatak Force – Specialize In Raids On Enemy Artillery Positions, Airfields, Supply Dumps And Tactical Headquarters

Indian Special Forces

As they face the enemy face-to-face, only the most physically and mentally fit soldiers make it into the Ghatak force which is usually 20-men strong.

They act as shock troops and lead man-to-man assaults ahead of a battalion. They are also experts at directing artillery and air attacks on targets deep within enemy lines.


They are trained to be undisputed at heliborne assault, rock climbing, mountain warfare, demolitions, advanced weapons training, close quarter battle and infantry tactics.

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