Check New Time Table: Indian Railways To Change The Timings Of 182 Trains Beginning October 1

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The Indian Railways has planned to alter the schedules of approximately 100 trains from October 1, 2023. The timetables of several Northern and North Eastern Railway trains would be modified, according to a Zee News UP Uttarakhand news. The Indian Railways is about to unveil the new All India Railways timetable, which has been meticulously developed. The Indian Railways will introduce a new timetable for train operations on September 30, 2023. The arrival and departure timings of 182 trains will be pushed back by 5 minutes to an hour. Continue reading to know more about the new timetable. Happy reading!


Have A Look At The Changes That Will Come Into Effect From October 1

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Pay attention to the key changes that will come into effect from October 1 if you are a train traveler who commutes via trains every other day. Trains’ operating hours will alter as of October 1. On September 30, the railway will publish a new schedule for train service. In addition to the Delhi-Lucknow main line of the Northern and North Eastern Railway, 182 other trains from the Tanakpur-Kasganj, Kasganj-Haldwani, and Bareilly-Chandausi branch lines travel through Bareilly.


Key Details: Changes By Indian Railways

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Along with the Delhi-Lucknow main line of the Northern and North Eastern Railway, 182 trains operate from the Bareilly-Chandausi branch line, Tanakpur-Kasganj, and Kasganj-Haldwani lines via Bareilly. The arrival and departure schedules of 182 trains via Bareilly will be altered by 5 minutes to an hour. There are 62 trains that run on a daily basis, with other trains passing through Bareilly on 1 to 4 days each week.

The new train between Lucknow and Anand Vihar now has a schedule. According to media sources, the planned timetable also includes an increase in the speed of some trains. It also suggests adding new stations for some lines. The railways have also planned an electronic schedule. A modification in the All India Railways timetable is planned as well.

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Some trains are being suggested to be made quicker, while others are also being proposed to have new stops.
The amended timetable plan includes a particular window of time for the Moradabad Railway Division to operate a new train from Bhavnagar to Haridwar. Many trains will operate at higher speeds, resulting in a 2 to 1-hour delay in the schedule of long-distance trains passing through Moradabad.

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