Here Is Why The Trains Of Indian Railways Have X Mark

X Symbol On Train

One becomes curious about several things that happen along the way when traveling by train. Additionally, a railway has a different culture, way of life, and atmosphere than any other mode of transportation. Your eyes may have once lingered on a mysterious X Mark On The Train as you waited for your train one day. The Indian Railways had a fantastic voyage over decades, from steam engines to bullet trains in the following years.


Here’s Everything About The X Mark

Train X Symbol

The symbol X is typically present on the last bogie of passenger trains in India. It is also either bright yellow or white. You can also make out the initials LV present next to the cross mark if you look carefully. “Last Vehicle” is the full form of LV. It is a small board sign with a black outline on a yellow backdrop that is frequently there on the back of vehicles. Additionally, you should focus your attention on the red light that is present directly below the letter X.

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Here Is The Significance

Train X Mark

If you’ve already noticed the X mark and are wondering why it’s on the final box of the train, then consider the following reasonable explanations. The Indian Railways also provides strong justification for its presence, particularly at the train’s final box. Additionally, the X mark on the final bogie of a railway is present to avoid an accident. Confirming that the box with the mark is the last one on that train.

Moreover, this sign helps the crew know that there is an issue if the box with the X is not a train trail. There is a chance that a coach that separates from the railway may have been in an accident. Additionally, to make sure that the train’s coaches are all together, the guard in charge of waving the green flag at the railroad crossing sees the X.

Under the X mark, the red light is also visible. This is so that it can be useful at night when it is dark and the indication is less obvious. However, railroad workers and officials are aware that there is a problem with the train when the mark and the light do not reflect in their typical pattern. In the meantime, this safeguards travelers and anyone close to any tragic accidents or mishaps.

The “X” mark, according to Indian Railways, is for any train or route that they run. Additionally, it is not just for a specific type of railway. It is a standard process that all trains must follow. Moreover, it gives railroad inspectors a visual cue to confirm that the train has passed through the region completely.

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