Get Confirmed Tatkal Tickets While Booking Via IRCTC By Using This Simple Trick

Book Confirm Tatkal Ticket

All year long, Indian Railways runs several trains to different regions of the nation. Additionally, you must reserve your ticket using tatkal if you require an urgent ticket. Nevertheless, obtaining a confirmed ticket continues to be a major concern for tatkal travelers. It’s also true that booking tatkal tickets can be a little challenging. The best course of action is to use IRCTC‘s Master list feature to prevent this obstacle. You can find all the details about the master list feature right here.


Master List Feature For Booking Tatkal Tickets

Master List Tatkal Ticket

Have you ever questioned how certain travel agencies can reserve confirmed train tickets under the Tatkal category? Additionally, they do it while tens of thousands of customers place unsuccessful bids at the reservation desks or on their laptops. Bookings for coaches with AC under the Tatkal limit begin at 10 am and 11 am for Non-AC. However, it only applies to trains leaving the next day.

The railways are required to sell a specific amount of seats in each coach at a premium under the quota. Additionally, it is very beneficial to people who require tickets immediately. Passengers frequently complain, however, that by the time they input their information on the IRCTC website, the Tatkal quota seats are already full. In addition, everything occurs shortly after the booking is initiated.

Either their reservations are denied, or they receive a wait-listed ticket at a very high fee. The best thing to do is to use IRCTC’s Master list feature to prevent this obstacle. By logging into the IRCTC website, one should create their Master List before the time for booking Tatkal tickets begins.


Here’s How You Can Use Master List Feature

Avoid Seat Next To The Washroom In Train

Make a master list after setting up your IRCTC account. You can pre-store a list of passengers in your profile. Go to the “My Profile” section after signing into your IRCTC account. Additionally, a drop-down menu there will display the master list. You must enter the passenger’s information after clicking it on this page. This information also includes Name, Age, Gender, Birth Preference, Food Preference, Senior Citizen, and the Passenger’s ID Card Type and ID Card Number.

After you save this information, click on Add Passenger to continue. Up to 20 passenger details can be there in the master list by one person. Your passenger master list will be created as soon as you finish these steps. You only need to attach this list when booking a ticket, whether it be a tatkal or another type, by selecting the “My Passenger List” option. After that, you can continue with the payment.


How To Modify Your Saved Master List?

Master List Modify Tatkal Ticket

Furthermore, by using this guide, you can simply modify your Matter list. Go to “My Account” and then “My Profile” after logging into the IRCTC site. Finally, select “Add/Modify Master List” from the menu. Scroll down and look for the “Saved Passenger List” part as you proceed. You will find the option to Update or Delete each stored Passenger on the right side.

Additionally, if you want to Update, click on the Pencil icon next to the passenger whose details you want to change. When the correction is complete, press the “Update” option. However, if you want to delete a passenger from the master list, click on the trash symbol next to their name. You had to consent to confirmation, so click Yes when it appears on the screen. Moving on, as soon as you select Yes, the passenger will be out of Master List.

In conclusion, it is clear that travelers greatly benefit from the IRCTC feature known as Master List. It makes it simple to keep all of our passenger data in one place. Additionally, it is very useful because every second counts when booking Tatkal tickets. To save a lot of time, be sure to start using the Indian Railways’ Master List function right away.

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