Here Is How IRCTC’s Vikalp Scheme Increase Your Chance To Get A Confirmed Ticket In Indian Railways

Chance To Get A Confirmed Reservation

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Traveling to our hometowns every festive season is a dream for all, and many do make this dream possible. However, many a time, some cannot. The reason is, of course, the waitlisted tickets are not getting confirmation. Well, fret not because Indian Railways has a great scheme that may help you get a confirmed reservation even if your waitlisted ticket does not make it to the confirmed list. It may sound shocking to those who are unaware of IRCTC’s Vikalp scheme. No worries because we are here to enlighten you about the same.

Read on to know how IRCTC’s Vikalp scheme can increase your chance of getting a confirmed ticket in Indian Railways.


What Is A Vikalp Scheme?


Keeping in mind the waiting-list passengers Vikalp scheme was launched in 2015 by the IRCTC. It aims to deliver the confirmed reservation for waiting-list passengers in order to make the best use of the available accommodations. It is also known as the Alternate Train Accommodation Scheme (ATAS). This scheme allows all waiting-list passengers of any train to choose confirmed berths in alternate trains.

This scheme is for passengers of all train types and classes. Irrespective of booking quota and concession, this scheme is applicable to all waiting-list passengers.


Things To Keep In Mind After Choosing This Scheme

IRCTC Ticket Booking VIKALP
  • Once you get an alternate accommodation on a different train, you are treated normally. You can go for advancements. However, you must keep note that if you wish to join the original train, you cannot.
  • Once an alternate accommodation is provided, you are a confirmed passenger on that train. Therefore, if you wish to cancel, know that the cancellation rules will apply accordingly.
  • The fare difference between the original train and the substitute train, as well as any relevant Tatkal fees, is not refunded to any passengers who have been reassigned.
  • Once given alternate accommodation, journey modification will not be permitted. The passenger will have to cancel the ticket and book a fresh ticket to make changes in the journey.
  • When a passenger who has been allotted alternate accommodation does not complete their journey on the alternate train, he/she can claim a refund by filing a TDR request.

Some Interesting Features Of the Vikalp Scheme

Seat Allocation In Train Indian Railways

What is worth noting is that opting for the VIKALP scheme does not mean that a confirmed berth will be provided to passengers in alternate trains. It is subject to train and berth availability. Now, here are its interesting features,

  • Passengers can choose up to 7 trains under the VIKALP program.
  • When a reservation is provided on another train, no extra charges are taken from passengers.
  • Once you opt for the Vikalp scheme, you can always upgrade to a higher class on the new train by paying the difference in fare. For example, originally, you booked a 3 AC ticked, but under the Vikalp scheme, you got a berth in the Sleeper Class. You can upgrade to 3 AC on the new train. But you don’t have to pay any extra fare for the default allocation of the ticket on a new train. You pay extra fare only when you choose to upgrade your berth.
  • For allocation on the alternate train, only VIKALP-opted passengers who are still on the full waitlist after charting are taken into account.

So, if next time you wish to travel somewhere but have a waiting list ticket make sure to go for IRCTC’S Vikalp Scheme. It may turn out to be of great help on your next Indian Railways travel!

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