Check Out The World’s Top Institutes List – 3 Indian Institutes Made It To The List

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6. The University Of Cambridge


The University of Cambridge is a public research university located in Cambridge, UK. Cambridge is famous for natural sciences and produced many Nobel Prize winners.


7. ETH Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute Of Technology


If you want to do research on AI and nanotechnology, then Switzerland ETH Zurich is the place for you. It offers rigorous education that takes over a big part of your life. However, in addition, you will gain a lot of knowledge that will be useful in your working life.


8. Imperial College London


Imperial College London is a Top Tier public research university located in London. Furthermore, You need to have a lot of commitment and determination to understand lessons. Engineering is best taught here.


9. The University Of Chicago


The university is a research-centric private school famous for its medical and economics programs. In addition, It has great faculty, staff and career services.


10. UCL (University College London)


UCL is constantly amongst the top 20 worldwide. You will benefit a lot more from UCL if you involve yourself socially. UCL Union is large and well-funded.

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