These 10 Indian Cities Are Under The Threat Of Earthquake



Every year 100’s of people suffer from natural disasters. The most cause for the same is earthquake. Recently a major earthquake destroyed several lives in Mexico. The intensity of that earthquake was 8.1. India being a subcontinent is always under the threat of Earthquake. The National Center For Seismology declared the list of 29 cities which are under threat.

Here is the list of the 10 cities from that list which are under threat

1. Chandigarh


Chandigarh is one of the most happening cities of India. But currently it is under the threat of an earthquake. The total population of Chandigarh is 1.05 million and it falls under 4th zone category in the list of 1 to 5 zone.


2. Patna


Patna, the ancient capital of Mauryan dynasty has  current population of around 2 million. It is also in the list that too in 4th zone.


3. Kohima


The capital city of Nagaland is not out of this threat of earthquake. Kohima’s overall population is 0.2 million but what worries authorities that it comes under 5th zone also called as the red zone.


4. Imphal


Just like other north eastern Indian cities, Imphal is always under threat of Earthquake. The total population of Imphal is around 0.22 million. Imphal comes under 4th zone.


5. Srinagar


Himalaya enriched the whole state of Jammu and Kashmir with great natural beauty but it is also a reason for earthquakes. Srinagar falls under the 5th category which is quite a dangerous situation. Anything happens in Srinagar affects the whole India. Already India is facing a lot of political issues there. The total population of Srinagar is almost 1.1 million.


6. Guwahati

Guwahati is on the top of the list. It is one of the major city in northeastern India. It is also the capital of Assam. The total population of Guwahati is around 2.8 million.


7. Dehradun


Uttrakhand’s one of the most important city, Dehradun also has earthquake threat. The total population of Uttrakhand is 0.5 million and it comes under 4th zone.


8. Gangtok 


Sikkim’s largest city, also the capital Gangtok’s is also under threat. Its overall population is 0.1 million and it’s in 4th zone.


9. Shimla


A beautiful city situated in Himachal Pradesh is one of the most loved tourist destination of India. Shimla is famous for its natural beauty, filled with greenery. The total population of Shimla is 0.16 million and it comes under the 4th zone of Earthquake threat list.


10. Delhi


A city of 18.9 million people is not untouched with the treat of earthquake. It is the most worrying part for disaster management and authorities because Delhi Literally run’s the whole country and any threat to Delhi can disturb whole India. Delhi is in the 4th zone of earthquake threat list.

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