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Do You Have These 12 Cancer Causing Products in Your Home?

Cancer Awareness


Mornings will be so beautiful if we can smell Fresh air if we can see lush green, if we can experience flowers’ fragrance, if we can listen to birds chirping. Isn’t it?

But these days most of the places lack this due to air pollution, deforestation. Even the food we eat is also poisoned and now the home products are too.


But it’s true.

Most of the foreign products have cancer-causing chemicals. And Indian market is dominated by those products. Our ancestors used to use only homemade products. But now, we don’t have any option except to use those products.

But it is always better to use chemical free products from the available ones.

That being said…

Here are the 10 products we use daily which contain carcinogens.

1. Shampoos


If you read the ingredients used on the back of the shampoo bottle, you will know. Shampoos are filled with chemicals like Sodium lauryl sulfate, Parabens, Ammonium laureth sulfate, synthetic colors, and perfume. And Parabens are known as carcinogenic which are linked directly with four types of cancer.

A study found 99% of tissues from breast cancer patients had contained Parabens.

Alternative to this: Use Kunkudukai or Soap nuts.


2. Non-stick Cookware


Yes. Isn’t this shocking? It’s easy to use and easy to clean. Unfortunately, these non-stick cookware come with a synthetic coating which is called Teflon (polytetrafluoroethylene) that releases toxins dangerous for human health when heated at 450F or higher.

It also releases fluoride-based gases and toxic particles some of which are believed to be carcinogenic.

 Alternative to this:  Use ceramic glass or mud cookware.


3. Artificial Sweeteners


The most commonly used one in artificially sweetened products is aspartame. It raises the risk of diabetes and is also linked with cancer.

Alternative to this: Use organic cane sugar or honey.


4. Plastic Containers


Do I need to talk about the harm that plastic can cause? Plastic containers have toxins which released into whatever food or water is stored in them and is ingested along with the food into our bodies. Chemicals like Bisphenol A and Bisphenol S have been proven to cause cancer by various studies.

Alternative to this: Use steel or copper containers or opt for BPA-Free containers and bottles.


5. Air Fresheners


The chemicals used in air fresheners aggravate conditions like asthma and affect the reproductive development of humans. The fresheners you use in your home or cars or bathrooms are filled with artificially produced chemicals called perfume which is full of toxic chemicals. None of this is displayed on the labels.

According to a study by Anne Steinemaan of University of Washington, all tested products gave off potentially harmful chemicals including carcinogens.

Alternative to this: Use incense cones or Sambrani powder.


6. Commercial Cleaners


House cleaning products we use for glass, metal surfaces, wooden frames, brass fittings, microwave cleaners, stove-top cleaners, etc are very harmful.  The labels clearly warn against the foam contained in the bottles, the fumes and vapors are equally harmful when released while cleaning.

According to the David Suzuki Foundation some of the toxic chemicals found in home cleaners are:

1. Under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 2-BE found in glass cleaners, laundry stain removers, carpet cleaners, vehicle cleaners etc. Is a skin and eye irritant has been listed as a toxic substance.

2. Ammonia found in drain and window cleaners, toilet and bathroom cleaners etc. Causes irritation to skin, throat, eyes and lungs.

3. Coal tar dyes found in almost all types of cleaners are derived from petrochemicals and cause damage to the nervous system and lead to cancer as well.

Alternative to this: Use baking soda with water or magic sponge erasers or use citrus with vinegar.


7. Soaps And Detergents


You will find a mixture of ammonia, naphthalene, phosphorus and phenol in laundry detergents which cause itchiness, rashes, and dryness of skin as well as acne and sinus problems.

Recent research by the FDA shows that anti-bacterial hand soaps, dish soaps or body washes, liquid contain Triclosan which is a potential carcinogen. These chemicals can also cause allergies, lead to thyroid dysfunction, alter hormone regulation and cause inflammatory response

Alternative to this: Washing up with warm water and soap removes disease causing agents or choose the detergent that doesn’t have these chemicals.


8. Toothpaste


One of the worst ingredients that toothpastes has is fluoride, which is a known carcinogen.

According to Dr. Dean Burk, co-founder of US National Cancer Institute, “… fluoride causes more human cancer deaths than any other chemical… There are many people who don’t tell the truth when they are in power in administrative positions… This amounts to public murder on a grand scale; it is a public crime…”

Alternative to this: Use Patanjali dant kanti or Ayurvedic tooth powder or use neem sticks.


9. Makeup


Do you love make up? Then make sure those products don’t have harmful ingredients.

According to the Heavy Metal Hazard: The Health Risks of Hidden Heavy Metals in Face Makeup report, makeup bags of six different Canadian women were tested by Environmental Defence. They isolated 49 face makeup items including foundations, concealers, powders, bronzers, mascara, eye liners, eye shades and lipsticks. The results were shocking. Yes, 96% had lead, 90% had beryllium, 61% had thallium, 51% had cadmium, 20% had arsenic.

So, if you use heavy makeup on a daily basis, your skin ends up absorbing a total of 5 pounds of chemicals per year.

Alternative to this: Use homemade face packs to enhance skin beauty.


10. Sunscreen


As soon as summer season enters, most of the people keep fussing over SPF. Some sunscreens contain Retinyl Palmitate.

In a research by Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, it was established that RP causes an increased chance of growth in cancerous tumors and skin lesions. The Environmental Working Group has also issued a warning against sunscreens with RP due to their photo-carcinogenic properties.

Alternative to this: Take bath with rose water.


11. Moth balls


Usually in shelves where we keep clothes, we put generous amount of moth balls. So that it keeps bugs out of our clothes. But, there is an entire page on the National Pesticide Information Center warning against the health issues. These may cause Headaches, nausea, dizziness, Hemolytic anemia, Diarrhea, fever, abdominal pain and painful urination.

Alternative to this: Lavender scent, cedar chips.


12. Talcum Powder


Talcum powders are used in baby powders, adult facial and body powders as well as in a range of other consumer products.

According to the American Cancer Society, the mineral talc, used for manufacturing talcum powder contains asbestos a substance which is known to cause cancer.

Very recently, Johnson and Johnson paid a Californian woman $70 million in a lawsuit against the company on the claim that their baby powder caused her ovarian cancer.

Alternative to this: Use sandalwood powder for babies.

Some Bollywood actors refused to promote these products. Read here.

So, start using alternatives to all these products. Health is wealth. Without health, nothing can be done. Do you know any other harmful products? Share us in the comments. And also spread this message to your friends and save them.


Pavani Bharathula
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