7 Bollywood Stars Who Refused Huge Ad Deals Due To Their Moral Values

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Apart from the Bollywood movies, we see Bollywood stars in lot of ad films. Ads are a great way for the Bollywood stars to earn extra money and extra popularity. However, there are many actors who refused big ad deals because of their moral values. Hence, today we have brought you 7 such actors that refused big ad deals.


1. John Abraham

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Popular as a fitness freak, John Abraham denounced alcohol and tobacco on several occasions. Hence, John Abraham refused the high paying ads of tobacco and alcohol. There is no surprise that a fitness motivation like him will ever accept these kinds of ads.


2. Kangana Ranaut

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Kangana was approached for fairness cream ads. The ads were supposed to bring a huge sum of money to her. However, she said no as according to her, it would be disrespectful for dark skin toned persons.


3. Kareena Kapoor Khan

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Kareena refused an offer to promote chicken products as she is a vegetarian and she militates non vegetarianism.


4. Amitabh Bachchan

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Amitabh Bachchan turned down an ad deal that was focused on dowry customs.


5. Abhishek Bachchan


Likewise John Abraham, Abhishek is also against alcohol. According to sources, Abhishek has refused a 10 crore INR deal to promote alcohol.


6. Aamir Khan

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The advertisements of company products do not seem pleasing to Aamir Khan. Hence, he had refused many ad deals. However, Mr. Perfectionist is interested in promoting social awareness.


7. Ranbir Kapoor

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Ranbir Kapoor was offered a fairness product ad but he immediately refused that. According to him these kinds of ads promote the color discrimination in the society.

Apart from their show business, the Bollywood stars also care about their moral values and these Bollywood stars proved it. What do you think about it? Share you thoughts.

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