IAF Officer Leaked Important Documents To Pakistani Spy Agency Was Arrested

IAF Officervia

Some people join government services to earn money in the wrong way and some join to do the favor to their relatives in every aspect and some become deshdrohis. Senior Indian Air Force (IAF) officer, Group Captain Arun Marwaha, 51, leaked information and documents to two Pakistani agents have been arrested in Delhi.

Arun was posted at the IAF headquarters in Delhi. He is a para-jumping instructor and was in charge of training elite Garud commandos.

He has been charged under the Official Secrets Act and faces up to 14 years in jail and was due to retire next year.


This Is What Happened


The officer befriended the ISI agents on Facebook. They had fake profiles as women and so the officer started chatting regularly on WhatsApp and even exchanged intimate messages. He engaged in seductive conversations with the agents masquerading as models.

After gaining his trust, the agents asked the officer for classified documents and the officer shared them regularly on WhatsApp in return for obscene photos.


The information that he shared was reportedly on new agencies in the field of cyber warfare, space and special operations.

A senior Air Force officer discovered the massive breach a few weeks ago and set up an internal investigation. When Marwaha’s role was revealed, IAF informed the Delhi Police. The counter-intelligence wing of the Air Force turned the case over to the police after questioning him for 10 days,


On Thursday, Arun was arrested while he was walking into the Air Force headquarters with his cell phone which is not allowed in the building.

According to sources, “Investigators from IAF’s counter intelligence wing are examining whether officer Marwaha was part of a larger espionage ring run from Pakistan”.


His mobile phone has been seized. An FIR has been registered at New Delhi’s Lodhi Colony police station after the IAF’s complaint following its initial probe.

“We have found some objectionable conversations and pictures on his mobile phone,” an investigating officer said.

Social media is very powerful. If a person uses it in wrong way, sooner or later, he/she has to face those bitter consequences in life.

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