These Are The Highest Paying Job Sectors In India – #7 Is An Unexpected One


Everyone wants to get rich in a short time. Money doesn’t come easy and it definitely doesn’t rely on talent in India. Not everyone is born with a silver spoon, everyone works their ways up to make their Bank Balance look like a phone number. But for the Aspiring millionaires, a good degree from a good institute can land you on a good job easily. Here are some of the highest paying job sectors in India.


1. Management

Highest Paying Job Sectors

Management is the heart and soul of every organization. It manages the whole working of the company and it is something that gets better with experience. It involves a lot of hard work but once you’re through at it, you can get paid with a big fat cheque every year. The Newbies in Management gets paid around 3,00,000 whereas once you’re experienced enough you can get paid up to 80,00,000 lakh per annum.


2. Investment Bankers

investment banker

These people ‘Play’ with money. Their tactics and knowledge help companies generate capital from the investment markets which, if done with good knowledge could gain huge profits. That’s why they’re known as the ‘Money Man’. The Newbies alone gets paid 12,00,000 at entry level. And the experienced professionals at an ease gets 50,00,000 and more.


3. Chartered Accountants

chartered accountant

One of the most respected and highest paying jobs in the Country, Chartered Accountants are well groomed in the days of their training to become a mastermind at accountancy. They hold the knowledge of company’s accounts and needs to be perfect at their jobs, to not make any glitch that could cause huge losses. That’s the reason why this sector gets paid up to 35,00,000 after being experienced for years.


4. Medical Professionals


One of the best and most promising job in the country, this sector is all about hard work in silence. With a practice of years, the professionals can get paid up to 18,00,000 without any physical labor like other jobs.

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