These Are The Highest Paying Job Sectors In India – #7 Is An Unexpected One


5. Legal Professionals


Lawyers often deny the post of judges because of their kickass pay as an Attorney. Their Research and Argument skills can get a huge amount of money. These professionals at government sector get paid up to 10 lakh but their private practices for big clients can lead them to more than 2,00,000 per appearance in the Courtroom.


6. IT And Software Engineers

it engineer

These professionals work hard to gain knowledge of Computers and Computer Language. They work in the internal working of the system and are the highest paying jobs in the country. These professionals at an entry-level get paid up to 5,00,000 which can be doubled up with years of experience.


7. Business Analysts

business analyst

These professionals play a vital role in the working of any business, profits loss and new schemes can be discussed with them as they analyze the competition in the market and every good organization needs a good business analyst to keep up with the competition. The Newbies alone gets paid up to 6,00,000 per annum.


8. Marketing

marketing jobs

If one is well versed in the marketing skills and tactics, a good pay comes in handy. The most experienced marketing expert can lead to becoming the CEO of companies. A well-experienced marketing expert gets paid up to 10,00,000 with an ease.

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