Heroic Delhi Bikers Chased A Car And Saved Woman From Abductors Who Was Crying For Help

Heroic Delhi Bikers


We see usually only in movies where heroine gets kidnapped and hero saves. That’s reel but this is real. This is called the real heroic deed.

A woman was abducted by three men in a car. The girl cried for help from the running car when her abductors started molesting her. A group of youths turned to be life savers for a girl. 

When these youths heard her call for help, they were eating at dhaba. Around 9pm, they heard the woman from a Hyundai Accent shouting for help as the car passed near Begumpur Chowk. The youth chased the car and saved her from the kidnappers.


Those three men were dragged out and pinned down after a minor scuffle. Out of three, two abductors were handed over to the police and the third one escaped.

"The woman was in a state of shock and semi-conscious when we rescued her," said Aman Goyal, one of the youths who had mounted the chase.

By the time the police arrived, the irate crowd has started pelting stones at the car and they set the car on fire. The fire department was then called to douse the flames. However, the car has been seized as evidence.


The girl, who is in her 20s, told the police that she is a resident of Mangolpuri and knew one of the abductors. She had met him while working as a household help in Rohini area of Delhi. 

On Saturday, while she was returning home, he approached her and offered her a lift in his car. After boarding the car, she found two other unknown men in the car along with the person she knew.

After travelling for a distance, the three men started touching her inappropriately. They even tore off her clothes. When she began screaming for help, these three men rolled up the window panes of the vehicle.

The accused men were initially taken to Begampur police station. As, abduction has taken place in Mangolpuri, the case was transferred to Mangolpuri police station.

"We have registered a case under IPC sections 354B (assault or use of criminal force to woman with intent to disrobe) and 362 (abduction) against the accused," said DCP (outer) M N Tiwari. 

The police are currently in search for the third accused.

Kudos to these courageous youth! This is indeed a very bravery act. Usually most of the people ignore whatever happens in their surroundings. They just don’t bother. They react only if something comes to them. But you guys showed the real heroism which needs a brave heart. 

PM Modi wants to see our India with these kinds of youth.

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