Mahela Jayawardene Trolled MS Dhoni Fan In A Witty And Humorous Way




No doubt, cricket is exaggerated in India. Moreover, we see a number of crazy fans daily. These crazy fans are so much dedicated, that the things can get controversial when it is about comparing their favorite cricketers with others. On top of it, the social media is the best platform for these jabra fans to generate new controversies. This time a Dhoni fan tried to troll the former Sri Lankan cricket captain Mahela Jayawardene. However, he ended up getting trolled.


Props To Bolt


Mahela Jayawardene is one of the biggest fans of Usain Bolt. Hence, Mahela tweeted “respect@usainbolt” and showed props to the sprinter on winning bronze medal in the last 100m race of his career. It was more like a “thank you” to the sprinter for connecting and inspiring a huge number of fans with his performances.


A Crazy Fan Interrupted


Somehow, a crazy Dhoni fan showed his nose poking skills and tweeted back “also respect to @msdhoni who is more faster than bolt.” As we have mention earlier these crazy fans never miss a chance to generate a controversy. No doubt, Dhoni is fast. However, he is not faster than the sprint king.


A Perfect Rebuttal


To counter this, Mahela came up with a witty as well as humorous rebuttal. The reply reads “was Dhoni on his bike?” Admittedly, MS Dhoni is a bike lover he proved his passion when he bought the Harley Davidson Hellcat, you can read about the bike here. However, Mahela used this “bike love” to channel sarcasm in his tweet and trolled the crazy fan in the worst way. To conclude, the fan did not try to mess with him again.

Sometimes we adulate someone so deeply that we forget to respect the others. Furthermore, adulation is good but these legends deserve respect. So we should respect the hard work that they had gone through. What do you say about it? Share in comment box.     


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