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Newly Born Baby Girl Kisses Her Mother, Probably The Most Adorable Thing You Will See Over Internet




We see so many pleasing things in everyday life. However, nothing is more alluring than the candid moments of little children. Whether it is that ingenious smile or the thoughtful silence, the babies always seem appealing. They are quiet unpredictable and this kind of unpredictable behavior of a newly born baby girl, have taken the internet by storm.


Something Unusual But Interesting

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A 24 year old Brazilian lady named Brenda Coelho De Souza gave birth to a girl on 5th April at the Santa Monica hospital in Brazil. Soon after that, the first meeting of mother and daughter ended up being unusual as well as interesting.


An Incredible Moment

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The entire staff and attendants were shocked to see that the newly born baby girl start kissing her mother. It was a once in a lifetime moment, when an infant showed its tenderness. Being the spectators the staff trapped this adorable moment in a video.

In the video a newly born baby girl is embracing her mother’s face and kissing her. Due to this unusual yet lovely moment, the video got viral. Moreover, the video seems to be the symbol of unconditional love between the mother and daughter.


"Love Being A Mother" – Mother

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According to the report of The Mirror, it was a C-Section delivery. About this uncertain affection of her child, Brenda Coelho told The Mirror “It was an incredible moment when my daughter hugged me for the first time.” She added more, by saying 'The medical team were great and were all really surprised that she acted this way, they couldn't believe how affectionate she was with me.  And I love being a mother.”

Some call it a love at first sight while some call it a miracle in the history of medical science but one thing for sure, there is no better love than the love between parents and children. What do you say about it? Comment below.


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