He Always Puts 20 Pairs Of Slippers In His Car.

He Always Puts 20 Pairs Of Slippers In His Car. What He Does Will Make You Astonish!!

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Inspired by the life of Mahatma Gandhi, This is what came to the mind of Abdul Hamid Goud.


20 Pairs Of Slippers In The Car



He has been keeping 15 to 20 pairs of slippers in his car from past 3 years and started distributing it to those, who come across bare feet. Apart from this, Goud also provides school uniforms and slippers to the children of government school near black pond, where he resides.


Goal Is To Distribute 20 Bags Of Wheat Every Year


Goud has 25 acres of land to cultivate. This year, it grew wheat over 20 sacks and he is aiming to distribute it to the needy.



Goud said," I am a great follower of Mahatma Gandhi. Three years ago, I had read a book of him in which he wrote, Money is not important in life. The only motive of life is to help others."

These lines had a powerful impact in Goud's heart and mind. On the very same day, while he was returning to his home, he looked at the person who was walking bare feet in the sun. That one incident changed his way of seeing the life and from then onwards he has started distributing rice to the needy and always keeps 20 pair of slippers in his car to give it to those who needs.




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