Shocking Reason Behind Software Engineer left Job In US and returned back to INDIA!!



Robin Singh, who was working as a software engineer in US returned to his hometown Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh 6 months ago.

He wanted to build a big house with swimming pool. But, being an animal lover, after seeing the illness of dogs and cows on the streets, he decided to build a cow shed instead of swimming pool. He started serving cows and all other sick animals.





Dogs On The Roads To Home


1. Robin brings "ill dogs" and "ill cows" from the streets to home and serves them.

2. He provides treatment to those "ill animals" in cow shed. He said, once it recovers, we will leave them.

4. He provides free treatment to all these "ill dogs and cows".






People Named His House As 'Badmaash Farm House'


As soon as he returned from US, he wanted to build a house with swimming pool and with many more facilities. After seeing ill animals on the roads, Robin got shattered and abandoned plans of building house. Instead, he built cow shed. People across the region named his house as 'Badmaash house'. Cow, bull, dog, donkey and horse like animals are treated and taken care here.

Robin started making pots out of dung as it is not at all harmful to environment. He sells these pots that which are made out of dung to the villagers for 15 rupees. The machine has been designed to make pots and it can be prepared in 2 minutes.


Meet The Animal Lover



Isn't he awesome???

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