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Guy Came To His Ex-Girlfriend Marriage And Distributed Intimate Chats To Everyone

Guy Distributed Intimate Chatsvia

You might have heard many stories about revenge in real life. Some love stories end up in marriage, sone ends up in friendship, while some end up in break up. But this one story of love, betrayal, and revenge is something, that one never even thinks of. It is a story of Anik, who loved one girl named Samia too much. They both were having an affair from the last 8 months. One day Samia told Anik that he doesn’t find him serious and dedicated in this relationship. He is seen least interested in this relationship. Anik tried his level hard to convince Samia that he had always loyal to Samia and has never broken her trust. He is a good man and will always care for her. But Samia was in no mood to listen to any statements from Anik. Anik was not lying and he really meant what he told, but Samia was least bothered to listen to him.

Guy Distributed Intimate Chats

After some days, Anik got to know that Samia’s father had planned her wedding. The guy is settled and lives in Canada. Samia was tempted to the luxurious life and she made an excuse to break up. Anik felt betrayed after knowing the real reason for the breakup. Anik planned to take revenge with Samia. It is a saying that the sweetest revenge is when it has taken at the right place and at the right time.

Guy Distributed Intimate Chats

Revenge, that not everyone can think of. Anik went to the wedding of Samia, his ex-girlfriend. Samia was shocked to see him at her wedding. But she could not say anything to Anik as there were many relatives and family members around. At the wedding, Anik behaved normally so that there should not be any doubt. He enjoyed the food, even took a selfie with the couple Samia and her husband.

Guy Distributed Intimate Chats

After the food, Anik brought the print outs of his chats and screenshots of their intimate chats and distributed to the entire guests present at the wedding. After distributing, he silently left the place. After this, Anik never contacted Samia. But whenever he will remember Samia’s wedding day, it will give him peace.

Well, nowadays many relationships fail; as they are not much strong and people are more attracted to luxury, and money. One such story of revenge you can watch how a loyal boyfriend taught the lesson to his girlfriend. What do you think guys, isn’t it true?

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