Gruner See Park Of Austria Is The Park That Hides Under Water

Gruner See Park



We know that parks will be usually on ground. But there is a park which is visible on ground for 6 months and rest of the 6 months it hides under water. Looking weird and suspicious? Let’s go into the details.

Gruner See ParkRef

Gruner See ParkRef


Where Is This Park Located?


Gruner See Park, also called Green Lake is located in Austria. The park is surrounded by Karst Mountains filled with lush greenery that gives a pleasant feeling. 

Like any other parks, you will find benches to sit, some idols and 6 feet depth pond. Till winter season, it is available on the ground and the interesting part starts when summer season enters. The park changes to a literal swimming pool for an enthusiastic underwater explorers. It became a tourist attraction during the summer season. Have a look into the stunning and amazing nature beauty images given by the photographer and diving enthusiast Marc Henauer who has experienced the beauty of underwater park and gave us these spell-bound images.

Gruner See ParkRef

Gruner See ParkRef



The snow-capped mountains get melted and increase the lake level during summer season which turns 6 feet lake to 40 feet lake merging lovely tracks and bridges into magical underwater world. It has become main attraction for scuba diving lovers.

Gruner See ParkRef


People come here for scuba diving during these 6 months. Once the spring season gets over, park comes back to normal stage.  Marc Henauer says nature give us a magical world, the sun creates fantastic light rays through water. Then you think it is a dream and you expect to see goblins appear. It has won the 3rd place award in the 2014 National Geographic Travel competition.

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So, when you enter Austria, don’t miss to see this beautiful mind-blowing magical park.

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