Are You Doing Engineering? Then You Must Read This



Engineering has become a craze these days. Parents are strongly influenced that which make them feel that this is the only degree which can fetch high paying jobs.

Hold on…

If you don’t do these during your Engineering then you probably will land up with no job and the degree will be of no use.

This is what you should do right from the first year of the course.




1. Interact with seniors and professors to know about core subjects of your branch. Concentrate on basics of all those subjects.

2. If you got admitted into a local college, don’t worry. These days online courses has expanded to a greater extent that you can get guidance on those core subjects. Do related subject course online if you don’t get good faculty in college. All courses are available for free.

3. Analyze your interesting areas and start contributing to it.

4. Learn coding from the available online courses. Some colleges may not get core companies for some branches and so learning coding helps you during interview process.

5. Participate in coding competitions. Participate in technical and cultural competitions that take place in other colleges.

6. Do the projects on your own. Don’t buy outside.

7. Acquire practical knowledge on core subjects rather than simply mugging up the theory.

8. Do certification courses related to your branch. Have 1 or 2 certifications before you enter final year.

9. If you are not fluent in speaking English, then you should concentrate on that too.


Lastly, if you have any subject doubts never hesitate to ask your professors. Professors and seniors are the best ones to get any guidance whether it could be career or life.

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Enjoy the life with success.

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