Google Employee Reveals How He Works Only 1 Hour A Day And Earns Rs 1.2 Crore A Year

Google Employee Works 1 hour a day

Many of us fantasize about working only a few hours every day while generating an absurd amount of money. However, that is all it is—just a dream. But it has proved to be the reality for a guy who works at Google. A Google employee who is responsible for creating the company’s tools and products works for just one hour every day while receiving a $1,50,000 annual pay, or more than 1.2 crore. The employee also received a sign-on bonus and is anticipating a year-end bonus. Continue reading to know more about the story.


A Typical Day In The Life

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The Google employee, who works under the pseudonym Devon to conceal his identity, wakes up at 9 a.m., eats breakfast, and then works until 11 a.m., at which point he leaves his office duties undone. Devon continues working on his startup until 9 or 11 p.m. later in the day. He claims,

“If I wanted to work long hours, I’d be at a startup. The work-life balance and perks at Google are the main reasons why most people pick it. You could work at Apple, but software engineers tend to be Apple fans. At Google, the majority of employees are aware that they are working long hours.”

He added,

“didn’t really bother going for a hedge fund or quant stuff because they’ll pay you like $300,000, but the thing is, you’ll actually have to work well over 40 hours a week. If I can work a couple hours a day—one hour a day—I think the much smaller base [salary] works out.”


The Google Work Culture

Google Office

The employee claimed that Google has a very different work culture. Everyone, it seems, is aware that their profession is merely a means of livelihood.

Moreover, Devon is also not abiding by Google’s return-to-office policy, which mandates that the majority of employees work from the office a minimum of three days a week. Devon claims it doesn’t work for him since it gives him the impression that management is keeping an eye on him.

Moreover, he responded that his manager is ‘cool’ with him not coming to the office while he believes emails from Google will start coming in at some point, but he won’t worry about it until he gets a warning. Devon was asked what would happen if higher-ups in the company found out about him not adhering to the work-from-office policy. He claimed that the search engine giant would still give him a sizable severance package even if it decided to fire him.


“Paid To Do Nothing”

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When asked about his experience working at Google, the man explained that he had first joined as an intern and quickly realized that if he managed to land a position there, he wouldn’t have to work that hard. He disclosed that, while an intern, he once finished writing his code a lot earlier than expected and took a week-long vacation to Hawaii.

Devon revealed to Fortune the fact that he gets paid to ‘do nothing.’

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