In-Flight Robbery: Man Boarded 200 Flights In 110 Days To Steal Items Worth Lakhs From Passengers

In-Flight Robbery Caught

In a stunning incident revealed to the world of airline robbery, a daring man took off through the clouds, not for adventure, but rather for a series of robbing jewels and items worth lakhs. The incident shows us how a comfortable flight flying experience can turn into a nightmare if your belongings get lost and robbed with sheer smartness. Rajesh Kapoor is a 40-year-old man based out of Delhi with a criminal mindset for stealing luxury goods and items. He took his criminal activity higher than ever, taking up over 200 flights in 110 days.


Flight Theft Disaster

Airplanes White Color

The sky transformed into a play arena for Rajesh Kapoor’s criminal tricks, as he went after unsuspecting passengers, smartly stealing jewelry and items from their cabin bags. The man involved in the robbery acquired the expertise and tricks that helped him to steal items with such swiftness. With a technique as precise as a flight plan, he took advantage of the chaos of boarding time, rifling through above cabins while passengers got seated and comfortable.


Master Of Disguise

Rajesh Kapoor wasn’t just an expert with simple theft and robbery; he excelled at duplicity as well. Booking tickets under his deceased brother’s name, he fabricated his personality from the airlines and police authorities. It was a plan similar to a Hollywood movie, filled with smartness and swift moves.


Tracing Rajesh Kapoor Down

The Delhi Police, however, weren’t surprised by Rajesh Kapoor’s suspicious behavior. Utilizing CCTV footage and flight plans, they sorted out his track of robberies. Rajesh Kapoor’s fatal flaw was a mobile telephone number that he gave at booking. In any case, even his web of lies couldn’t keep him stowed away from the strict law and order of authorities.


In-Flight Disgrace

Two high-profile incidents set off the chase after Rajesh Kapoor. In one case, a passenger lost jewelry worth a shocking Rs 20 lakh during a flight from Amritsar to Delhi. Another incident succumbed to Rajesh Kapoor’s expert robbery, losing items priced at Rs 7 lakh while flying from Hyderabad to Delhi.


Sky Bandit Busted

The chase between Rajesh Kapoor and the authorities in Paharganj, where Rajesh Kapoor was at long last caught. His collection and the money associated with stolen items awaited its destiny. The Delhi Police and the concerned authorities took the lead and grabbed hold of this criminal. Also, Sharad Jain, Rajesh Kapoor’s partner in crime, was likewise arrested, sealing their fate and destiny. Rajesh Kapoor’s stealing adventures might have been grounded now, yet his story will echo through the archives of airline robbery. An expert in theft and stealing of the skies. Also, he transformed the regular flying experience into a high-stakes round of burglary and crime. Therefore leaving passengers and authorities alike shocked by his boldness.

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