Girl Gives Her Number To A Guy With Few Digits Missing, Here’s What Happens Next

Guy Lists All Combinations To Call The Girl

Girl Gives Her Number To A Guy With Few Digits Missing

We live in a world of online dating where it is all about right and left swipes. The traditional way of finding your soulmate at a bookshop or a park, or anywhere else is almost gone. However, it is not absolutely extinct. In a recent interesting happening, a girl gives her number to a guy she met at a bar. Although what is noteworthy is that she omitted a few digits for him to guess. Sounds captivating? We 10 on 10 agree. If you are curious to know what the guy does next and how things continue, then read on.


A Guy Took To Twitter And Shared How His Nephew Met His Soulmate

Girl Gives Her Number To A Guy

A guy took to Twitter and shared a super fun tale that has now gone viral. He shared that his 22-year-old nephew met a girl at a bar, and the two instantly hit it off. So much so that before leaving the bar, she even shared her number with him. However, what she did was she left two digits missing for him to guess.

In the note where she wrote her number, she added, “Trust me, I’m worth it.”

The guy was capitated by her to the extent that he decided to crack her number. So he pulled out a sheet of paper and a pen and got to work. Therefore, he started writing down every possible combination that would help him to get the girl’s actual number.

Check out the tweet that was apparently made by the guy’s uncle.


The Guy Gave Further Insights To This Fun Tale

In this fun tale where a girl gives her number to a guy, what we get to know next is that both the guy and the girl were true crime and mystery fanatics. The guy boasted about how he always cracks the case even before the show or the movie ends. Therefore, the girl decided to test his sherlock-intellect.

The tweet made by the guy’s uncle went crazy viral. To the extent that it reached the girl. The guy still had a portion of the list of numbers to strike out. Nonetheless, the girl decided to reach out to the guy’s uncle and take over the “operation.”

Here is a screenshot of the girl and the guy’s uncle’s Twitter conversation.

Many people thought that the girl is arrogant for doing so. However, the guy’s uncle liked her. He made a tweet about the same. Check it out.

What a fun tale. Right? Do give us your thoughts about the same via the comments below. 

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