Check Out These 15 Indian Jugaads That Are Pure Genius

Jugaads That Will Leave You Speechless

Indian Jugaads

Out of many things, one thing that Indians are the most famous for is their jugaads. Furthermore, it is said that necessity is the mother of invention. True to our case, as we come up with the weirdest yet the most workable inventions. While you might be aware of many Indian jugaads, there still would be some that you would have never heard of. Well, fret not because today we are here to enlighten you about the same.

Here is a list of 15 Indian jugaads that are pure genius as well as cost-efficient that will leave you speechless.


1. Drip Irrigation System

Drip Irrigation System

It goes without saying that the essential need of the farmers is an irrigation system. However, can you imagine the invention of an irrigation system in the form of a drip? Indian farmers make the best use of waste glucose bottles in order to make drip irrigation systems. Crazy yet effective.


2. Eco-Friendly Parking

Eco-Friendly Parking

Sustainability is in fashion, as it should be. Indian jugaadus went out of their way to show their contribution to a sustainable world. In addition to doing crazy jugaads, someone made use of their plastic water tank by converting it into a parking space.


3. Socially-Distanced Milk Delivery

Socially-Distanced Milk Delivery

Corona has left a significant impact on us. So much so that people came up with new ways to practice social distancing. However, this jugaad is something that will blow your mind. During COVID-19, milkmen in India used pipes and a funnel to supply milk.


4. Jugaadu Charging

Jugaadu Charging

It is said that science is a way of thinking much more than it is a body of knowledge. Therefore, this is the reason why Indian jugaadu people come up with the idea of charging their phones with a motorcycle battery.


5. A Robot To Fetch Liquor

Robot To Fetch Liquor

In the newest episode of incredible India, we see how a man builds a robot to buy liquor for himself.


6. Anti-Mosquito Contraption

Anti-Mosquito Contraption

The season when mosquitoes make our life a living hell is here. However, so is an effective way to get rid of them. Indian jugaadus made a mosquito bat tied to a table fan to keep mosquitoes away.


7. Social Distancing Bike

Social Distancing Bike

Introvert people who have zero social skills but still want to ride bikes with someone, this one is for you. A man in Agartala designed an electric motorcycle. Crazy but cool? Indeed.


8. One AC, Two Rooms

One AC, Two Rooms

Another cost-effective Indian jugaad is placing your Air Conditioner in a way that it cools two rooms simultaneously.


9. Digital Roka

Digital Roka

Everything is getting digital. Not just your Shaadi cards but also ceremonies. A Gujarati family performs boy and girl’s Roka on a video call.


10. A Recycled Scooter

A Recycled Scooter

As weird as this one might sound, it nonetheless is genius. A farmer from Jharkhand used a second-hand scooter as a replacement for a tractor to work in his field.


11. Ferris Wheel-Cum-Bike

Ferris Wheel-Cum-Bike

In the two-in-one tradition, a jugaadu guy literally attached a small Ferris wheel to his bike. While driving the bike, his family sits on the ‘Jhoola.’


12. Desi-Styled Tripod

Desi-Styled Tripod

In addition to the crazy aforementioned jugaads, another one is a desi-styled tripod. A teacher from Pune made a jugaadu tripod stand in order to teach students online. To say that it didn’t win the hearts of several on the internet would be a sheer understatement.


13. Socially-Distanced Liquor Dispatch

Socially-Distanced Liquor Dispatch

Liquor sellers also came up with this unique way to ensure social distancing while dispatching liquor.


14. Multitasking At ATM

Multitasking At ATM

What is called multitasking is what Indians call the best jugaad. An ATM guard made the best of his time as he sewed while on duty.


15. Makeshift Locust-Scaring-Machine

Makeshift Locust-Scaring-Machine

Farmers always seek to get rid of locusts. In India, someone came up with a very effective makeshift “locust-scaring machine.”

Out of all these Indian jugaads, which one is your favorite? And why? Do tell us via the comments below.

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