Elon Musk Reveals Twitter Users Can Get Blue Tick And Other Benefits For USD 8 Per Month

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After assuming leadership of Twitter, Elon Musk declared that the verification procedure would change. He claimed that part of the updated strategy for the verified icon is to grant some superpowers to actual users. Musk made these comments in response to news stories that claimed Twitter might charge customers USD 19.99 for the new Twitter Blue subscription. According to reports, Musk intended to charge $20 per month for a premium subscription service. However, during a conversation with horror author Stephen King, he seemed to impulsively reject those plans.


For $8 Per Month, Twitter Users Can Get Blue Tick

Twitter Elon Musk

Elon Musk, the richest man in the world, has disclosed how much it costs to be verified on Twitter. According to Musk, users will have to pay $8 to get the Twitter Blue tick or Blue Checkmark. There is no official announcement from Twitter. In fact, since Musk’s takeover, the company hasn’t released much officially. We can accept Musk’s word for it, though, as he is the company’s CEO and the only director. Musk criticized the “current lords & peasants’ system” in a Tweet on Tuesday. This mechanism controls who receives the validated credential and who does not.

He implied that by making the Blue Tick available as a paid subscription, he gives the people more power. Musk tried to provide additional detail about the new system in the thread tweets to receive a Twitter Blue Tick. Users in India might just have to spend a small amount to receive all the benefits. Additionally, Musk confirmed that pricing would be based on purchasing power parity in each nation.


Additional Advantages Of This

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The subscribers will receive several benefits in addition to the coveted Blue Tick that will allow them to stand out in conversations. The individual will also be given preference in searches, mentions, and replies. Additionally, they will also be able to upload lengthy videos and audio. Moreover, these individuals will only receive half as many ads. He claimed that Twitter would permit a paywall bypass for publishers willing to partner with them to attract creators and publishers to the platform. A new source of income will encourage creators. As another update, a new tag will appear beneath the names of public personalities. Not every Twitter Blue user will receive this feature, though.

On the social media site, a blue check mark next to a user name indicates that Twitter has verified that the account belongs to the individual or business claiming it. Most users of the app currently enjoy free service. However, the social media site was recently purchased by billionaire Elon Musk for $44 billion.

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