These Are The World’s Most Funniest Engineering Work Which Failed

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The job of an engineer is one amongst the loudest types of all engineering streams. What they create is often may be seen and lived-in for several years. you would possibly have seen several marvelous works done by civil engineers within the past, however, nowadays we tend to compile an inventory of few fails that may certainly leave you baffled. Check out few funniest engineering work that failed miserably.


1. Stuck In Between

Stuck In Between

This appearance thus unhealthy that whereas being at the ultimate stage of the task you stand still in the middle right away with no clues in hand.


2. Safest Place For Vehicles

Safest Place For Vehicles

This is in all probability one amongst the safest places to park your vehicles! I’m certain if any malefactor ever thinks of stealing the automotive, he would get to bring the Crane.


3. Safe ATM Installation

Safe ATM Installation

Every bank ought to follow this innovative method of ATM installation thus on avoid probabilities of thieving.


4. Stairs To The Ceiling

Stairs To The Ceiling

I don’t grasp what was within the mind of the engineer who has designed these distinctive stars going straight to the ceiling.


5. Cost-Cutting Restroom

Cost cutting toilet

Do you extremely assume that this 0.5 restroom installation would assist you to save further greenbacks whereas coming up with your house?