These Stunning Countries That Are Least Visited And Often Ignored


There are various countries which are very beautiful. Most of the people from across the World take a trip to all these beautiful places. Taking a vacation break makes us rejuvenated. Whenever we think of vacation, we look for only popular destinations and forget these stunning countries.

But wait. United Nations World Tourism Organization revealed the least visited countries in the world which are amazingly beautiful. Even though tourists are less here but these countries are having many beautiful places to visit that one should not ignore visiting them.

Here are 10 stunning countries that are least visited.


1. Moldova, Europe – Perfect For Adventurers


It is remote and rarely visited and it has a growing wine-tourism industry. You’ll find hospitality in the villages is genuine. Moldova is literally the best European retreat for a secluded escape.


2. Liechtenstein, Europe – A Real-Life Fairy Tale


An independent state tucked between Switzerland and Austria,  the place is one of the most picturesque alpine countries in Europe. Lovely mountain setting, sprawling hills, medieval villages, excellent hiking trails, alpine landscapes, a ski and winter activities make the place a fascinating country a real-life fairy tale.


3. Bhutan, Asia – Land of Thunder Dragon


Bhutan is also popularly known as ‘Land of Thunder Dragon’ has plethora of beguiling temples and bewitching landscapes. You will see people using cotton bags instead of plastic bags to keep the environment free of non- biodegradable items.


4. San Marino, Europe – The Oldest Sovereign State In The World


Hundreds of castle-ridden hilltops in a land shrouded in enigmatic mystery, San Marino is the third smallest country in Europe after Vatican City and Monaco. You will find everything from forests, fortress towers, and shopping malls, to medieval markets and Olympic stadiums in this quirky and unique part of the world.


5. Bangladesh, Asia – South Asia’s Greenest Jewel


Braided with winding rivers and colourful cities, Bangladesh is immensely rich in its geographical and cultural diversity. Its prime draw lies in the Sunderbans, a haven for the Royal Bengal tiger.


6. Kiribati, Oceania – Nature Lover’s Paradise


Kiribati is a nature lover’s paradise and also offers many adventurous activities.


7. Brunei, Asia – Known For Its Wonderful Beaches


Located in South East Asia on the northern coast of the Island of Borneo, Brunei has lively mosques, flimsy-looking water villages, misty and untouched rainforests.


8. Timor-Leste, Asia – Offers Incredible Natural Beauty


It is a wonderful new tourism travel destination that offers incredible natural beauty and has unique cultural experience.


9. Montserrat, Caribbean – Popular For Volcano Tourism

Stunning Countries

Montserrat is popular with people who are interested in ecotourism, volcano tourism, hiking, bird watching and scuba diving.


10. Tuvalu, Oceania – Redefines The Meaning Of Paradise


Tuvalu is a dazzling smear of turquoise and green that you will never want to leave. This place redefines the meaning of the word.

Have you been to any of these places already? Share us in the comments. These countries in the world where the sun never sets and there is no night. 

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